Through Rose-Colored Glasses

The evening ended well, despite minor car failure and other set-backs. A small fire brought the temperature up into the low 40s and we had tummies full of hot pizza. We sang some songs accompanied by the out-of-tune-but-still-recognizable piano and heard a rousing story of the Fiery Furnace by 'Uncle Tim'. Both toddlers fell asleep remarkably well in their respective areas, comfortable and warm (thanks to the space-heater brought by a woman with much forethought). We chatted by the fire until bedtime, made our last trips to visit Mother Nature and crawled into bed.

Sabbath morning began with happy voices asking for 'milk' and 'nanas'. We put together a quick breakfast of fruit, muffins and yoghurt and were soon ready for an adventure out into the snow. Well, I didn't go...since I didn't really want a repeat of last weekend's the toddlers rode snug in their sleigh and everyone else followed behind. I read an interesting book about a blind sled dog.

The rest of the day passed a bit slower than usual, with the mamas and the toddlers working against each other at nap time. Score: Toddlers - 2 Moms - 0. Peter went to bed early that night to compensate for a skipped nap-time. Maddaly did get a bit of a nap after taking a nice long ride in the car. Then evening came, the kids went to sleep, and us parents had a chance to unwind, chat some more, and play some games. I went to sleep happy after winning a great game of 'Seven-Up'/'Up n'Down' or whatever you like to call it. Very fun.

Peter woke up early the next morning with wet everything -- too much to drink the day before. Good thing it was the last night there! We bagged up all the wet blankets/pjs and gave him a warm sponge bath. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast of hashbrowns/scrambled eggs/fruit and wasted no time in cleaning up the place and hauling our gear down to the cars.

And since I'm writing this from my perspective, I totally skipped over the great fun had sledding/tubing, snow-ball fighting, playing Apples to Apples, and doing whatever teenagers do. Fun was had by all.

And for your viewing pleasure -- WWVA Lodge