An Outing

We started the day with some 'water play' and 'tower building' -- two FUN activities to get the happy juices flowing. Here's Peter playing in a pot of water with a sponge and funnel. He's wearing my apron.

Next, we went to the dollar store where I found him an apron his size, some bug stickers for his new sticker chart, some little bouncy balls to throw in the house, and some plastic eggs to play 'hide' with.

Our next stop was the playground, where Peter spent time improving his motor skills. ;) He's doing really good at navigating steps, etc. all by himself.

Then off to the pizzeria for lunch (Sweet Basil Pizzeria). They have fantastic new designs on pizza -- see their menu. We love the basil flavor in their pizzas. Peter learned how to say 'pizza' and all the way home said 'nummy pizza...yum'.

The only thing keeping us from an A+ grade on the morning was getting into the car-seat. This hasn't been an issue for months and now all of a sudden, my boy HATES getting strapped in. I've tried a lot of different things -- most of all, trying to explain why it's important and get him focused on where we're going, but nothing is working. Not even distraction with a fun toy. So...I'm trying to be patient and definitely not giving in. It just takes a little longer to get in the car these days. And there's a lot of crying. Hopefully it'll dissipate soon.