Keeping Busy

I've been trying really hard to stay busy this pregnancy, in order to help time pass quickly and to keep my mental attitude positive. When I was pregnant with Peter, I kept busy teaching Health online. This time, I thought Peter would keep me busy enough.

Well, Peter is a ball of energy and tons of fun, but I still have big chunks of time to get bored and feel sorry for myself. Especially since the only really comfortable place to be lately is in 'my chair'. Surprisingly, weekends seem to go by the slowest.

The biggest problem is my limited list of options. Tim is a good sport -- giving me all sorts of ideas (rollerblading, swimming, bicycling, gardening, etc). Maybe this works for some pregnant women (my husband likes to remind me of all of you) but I really struggle with these activities. Somehow it feels like he's just reminding me of my inabilities and handicaps when he suggests I do such things. It makes it all the harder to bear.

Do I dare even post these feelings?? Seems kinda like a journal entry, eh? Well...I feel better getting it off my chest and I'll have something to read two years from now when the baby bug bites again. Don't forget how tough it can be, Laura!!

I really will try to keep my mind off the bigness and the handicaps (please cooperate, hormones!!). And I will try to follow my friends' advice to KEEP BUSY. Maybe a scrapbooking session would be the best thing.