Moving Along...

Peter is now 22 months old!! Happy 22nd month, Peter! We'll have to get some pictures of you today. :)

Ezra has been growing now for 28 weeks and I'm moving into the third and final trimester! None too soon. I'm actually looking forward to his arrival -- not just to "get the baby out" and get my body back, but because I have extra time in my day and I want two kids!! Never thought I would feel that way.

Tim has made progress on the raised beds -- one bed is finished and ready to be planted! We've got our sweet onion starts and we'll be planting them this weekend. Our tomatoes are already sprouting in the 'incubator'! What fun.

The daffodils are actually showing their little yellow faces -- it's the first day of SPRING today!!! Finally! So wonderful to feel the warm sun on my bare feet. Yes, we've had sunshine almost all week. What a wonderful thing.

And to close out this blog post, I wanted to share a 'Peterism' with you. The other day in the car, Tim said something jokingly...but I wanted to be sure Peter knew it was a joke, not something serious or hurtful. So I taught him the word 'joke' and attached a laugh to it -- now he loves to say, 'joke, haha' over and over. What a fun kiddo!!