I needed the break this morning. The wonderful head massage and cool mint conditioner. The positive conversation that helps put things in perspective. The chance to just sit there and let someone else pamper me. So nice.

My hairdresser is due in a few weeks -- actually she has a c-section scheduled and will only be at work for another week or so. I'm glad I caught her before she left on maternity leave! She'll be out for six weeks. I'll get to see baby boy pictures at my next appointment. She says it's 'boy season' -- most of the people she knows are having boys this spring.

We decided to keep the length and cut lots of deep layers to give body and make it fun. My bangs will stay swooping to the side...with the potential to be pinned up. Thanks for your participation in my survey -- that was helpful. :)

Unfortunately, hair never looks quite the same as in the salon. They just have a way with styling and of course use all the fancy products. So, my hair looks a lot like it did before...since I didn't do anything drastic. But here's a I could do.