April Fools

"Tim, tell me why there's water running down my leg???"


"April Fools!!" (It was leakage from Peter's water bottle...)
Tim enjoyed a bit a tom-foolery tonight as well, pretending to be Ezra. He likes to stick his head between my legs as if coming out for a visit and talk in a high-pitched voice (he did this with Peter also).

"Hi Mommy!" "I'm ready to come out now!!"

"Hey Peter, I'm your little brother! I'm going to follow you around and copy everything you do! We'll get into so much trouble together -- hey, we should throw the laptop into the bath, wouldn't that be fun?"

That's just SCARY -- imagining my second son to be the instigator and trouble-maker. We would have had a perfect life, just the three of us. Oh no.