Head Down

Great OB visit today. Last time DOC said there may need to be some 'baby-flipping' at my next visit (he thought baby was breach). Fortunately, Ezra was already head-down. Good baby. He did a quick ultrasound to confirm and noted that Ezra has been sunny-side up for awhile (causing back pain) and is now hopefully rotating to the better angle (facing my backbone). He was on his side this morning. Still measuring large and NO expectation that this will be a small baby. It's all a matter of when and how large.

So, another appointment in two weeks where he *may* check for dilation and we *will* talk about labor and delivery options. I'll have to get that Group B Strep test done again too. Hopefully we can avoid 5+ bags of penicillin this time. Should I be traveling anywhere in the next few weeks, I asked? Only with the option of a quick flight to hospital...;) Is that possible, Grandpa Ken?

Suppose I should take another of those frightful pregnancy photos...just for memories sake.