Pregnant Women

Lately I've been thinking about all the people in the world who AREN'T pregnant. At least 50% are men, who have very little clue. Then you have the teenage girls (eeerrgh) who are trying so hard to score a man and have babies. Little do they know. There are the older women, some grandmothers, whose memories have seriously faded and can't remember one miserable thing about being pregnant (and talk about it as such a wonderful time in a woman's life). And there are the women who are a year or two or three past pregnancy and thinking it might be a good thing to do again. You FORGET!!!!

I need to be easier on all these individuals. I'll probably fit into one or more of these categories at some point in the future. I know I have in the past. Right now, nine months seems like an eternity. Six WEEKS sounds like forever. Really, when I use my brain, I realize pregnancy is a season in a woman's life, not an extremely long one. One that passes. We move on to raising school-age children and then teenagers...then we get to watch our own children have kids (bet that'll be nice). This season of pregnancy and childbirth is actually quite short-lived (unless you're Russian Orthodox!) and it will soon pass.

I can't imagine it passing. I don't remember what it feels like to not be pregnant. But then again, I couldn't remember what spring felt like and it's here. I'm already forgetting the miserableness of winter. Seasons do come and go. I'll soon have a baby instead of a belly. And down the road, I'll probably consider getting pregnant again (perish the thought!). A life lesson to be learned -- enjoy the season you're in, as much as possible that is. I'm trying.