26 Goals for my 26th Year

I forgot to post this on my birthday! Too busy getting the floors in, I guess. I stole the idea from Leilani who did a list like this for her birthday as well. I hope to accomplish as many of these as possible!! Should make for a fun, rewarding year.


1. Give birth to baby Ezra! Without being induced!
2. Potty train Peter.
3. Enroll Peter in some form of organized activity (Kidnastics, swimming lessons, jitterbug, Kindermusik).
4. Take a vacation to visit family in Canada.
5. Encourage traits of generosity and giving in myself and my family.
6. Take as many pictures of Ezra as I did of Peter!
7. Keep up with scrapbooking.
8. Resume personal morning exercise routine.
9. Freeze twice as many pounds of blueberries as last year.
10. Freeze twice as much applesauce as last year.
11. Can 30 quarts of pears.
12. Can 20 quarts of tomatoes.
13. Freeze 20 quart bags of corn.
14. Go camping. At least twice!
15. Go mountain biking. At least once.
16. Plan and enjoy a creative, inexpensive, kid-free anniversary evening.
17. Brainstorm ideas for writing children’s literature – take a class?
18. Focus on HEAVEN and living like that’s where we’re going.
19. Dream about world travel and if nothing else, explore vicariously through others (books, blogs).
20. Resume my Pilates habit to resurrect those tummy muscles.
21. Plan one airplane trip to either Phoenix or San Diego.
22. Teach Peter to ride a two-wheeled bike.
23. Put love into action. In my husband’s love language.
24. Write more poetry.
25. Explore nature with my family – hikes and walks.
26. Continue to foster a love of reading in my children.