A Tent of Dreams

It's our tradition to go camping with our children, somewhere in their first two weeks of life outside the womb. Peter got to sleep out under the stars in the backyard. Ezra had the luxury of a campsite/fire-pit/river running by and slept like an angel in our 8-person tent! That is, after serious trouble-shooting by the parents for an hour or so...bouncing, diaper change, finger-sucking (lost the paci), and finally back to mom for a "top-off". That did the trick and he was out for the rest of the night...we don't exactly know what time that was though, since we left all time-pieces at home.

Ritual. Initiation. Desire. Words that describe the inner urge to spend a successful night in the great outdoors with our children. It's been our ongoing quest. Sometimes successful. Sometimes not.

Here are our deluxe accommodations. Next slide please. Here is "son #1" trying to wind down for the night. ::run, jump, squeal, tickle, repeat:: Next slide. And here is mommy kissing and tickling...

And here is "son #2" wide awake sometime the next morning. Next slide. And daddy still sound asleep.

Here is the father-son fire-starting team. Next slide. Here are the fire-starting materials. tut-tut-tut Next slide. And the fire...with flames. Much of the time it was mostly smoke. But how else would we come home with the appropriate smell?

Here's part of breakfast. Next slide. Here's Peter pretending to drive the car...what he did while we tackled the job of putting up and taking down the mammoth tent. Next slide. Here's Peter in his camp chair (thank you Forsyths!).

And here is Peter wearing mommy's sunglasses for the sunshine song. "When the sun is shining bright, bright, bright...I just put on my little sunglasses." Yes, we had Sabbath School outdoors today -- I think I remembered the words to almost every song! It's almost the end of the quarter.

Tim thinks we need to camp every weekend this summer -- so the kids don't get out of practice. I think we need to train our children to set up that tent...