Cherry Pie

Yesterday and today have been tougher than all the other days since Ezra came out. He had a doctor's appointment Monday morning (Tim says he had to get "tutored" -- you'll understand if you've heard the joke before). Anyway, it was traumatic for the poor little guy. He's been wanting 'comfort food' ever since and I'm SORE and either drained or exploding, depending on the time of day. We're not sleeping as well either. He's been getting some Infant Tylenol, which *might* be helping. He's still very unhappy about the whole thing.

Tim has been PITTING CHERRIES. All the time. So far we've got dried cherries, cherry jam, and cherry ice cream. I'm sure cherry pie isn't far behind, although I dare not give him the idea. When he's not pitting, he's been scrubbing the trim on the house in preparation for some new paint. Making the most of paternity leave? I'll say. Thankfully he was able to carry Ezra around in the front pack for a couple hours this afternoon, giving me some time to sleep.

I can't believe he's already 12 days old. The days are a blur. I've been feeling a bit blue lately...just tired of it all. I'm hoping things will even out soon and I'll get some more energy and ZEST for life.