Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Yesterday was the day for retail therapy. It worked! So did the 8 hours of sleep I got Tuesday night. Yep...after a day spent at the Dairy Express, Ezra must have been tanked up enough to sleep all night! Fabulous. Last night he was back on track -- two feedings (midnight and 4ish). So we had our lovely nap this afternoon.

It felt really good to get out and do something "human" again -- no clothes for myself yet, just some new flip-flops. Ezra needed some socks and Tim needed some shorts that fit. Although he's been spending more time in bed than on his bike lately...:)

Peter has been going to swimming lessons every morning this week. I can't say he's learned anything new yet...we're hoping he'll learn to feel comfortable on his back and have a few tricks up our sleeve, but today he was generally distracted and not happy to be in the water at all. Better luck tomorrow!

Ezra is growing and changing -- he's two weeks old today! Incredible. I need to take more pictures. I'm not going to live up to my sixth goal without some intentional effort. Fortunately, he's back to his easy-going more sad, random cries of pain. I'm thankful. That's hard on a mother's heart.