Wish Granted!

Thank you Ezra! Last night started kinda rough...he ate, and ate again, and wanted more an hour later, still crying...binky didn't help. You get the picture. Finally around 11:30 he let out a riiiip (thank you Tim) and fell fast asleep soon after. I didn't get wakened until 3 o'clock! He ate WELL and then slept between 4-7am. Two three-hour chunks for me!! I think I'll still grab my nap this afternoon, but my, am I feeling better. :)

After months of being inactive and grumpy (synonyms for pregnancy), we're anxious to get outside and do some hiking/camping. If it isn't raining this evening, I think we'll head out! I'm excited!

Speaking of being active again, I found a deal on a pair of rollerblades. Well used, but these will fit better than the others I've been wearing which are a couple sizes too large. Soon I'll be ready to hit the blacktop again! YAY!