Four Weeks Old

I know everybody says this, but I CANNOT believe it's been four weeks already. WOW.

Today was the day to try out the swing -- it seems that lately Ezra would like some motion to calm him for afternoon sleeps. He slept for about an hour on his maiden voyage. I remember Peter just loved this thing -- it was a lifesaver for me while I packed up for our big move.

My four week old is definitely GROWING. Ezra has spent the last couple days eating. Not as much sleeping...mostly eating. Sometimes every hour. Sometimes he's hungry again 30 minutes later (not that there's much available at that point). I guess this is called cluster feeding. Tim calls it "tanking up". I like to say "he's had five b**bs in the last hour!" [your response = LOL or TMI]

What all this craziness has done is made me more aware of Ezra's need for routine. Not that I'm going to go schedule-happy and force-feed or withhold, but I'm going to take notes on what he naturally wants at what time of the day and see if we can keep it similar from one day to the next. I'm also keeping track of his waketime, in an effort to extend his block of sleeping time at night.

No...I'm not a "Babywise Mom" (in the sense that I am hyper-organized and follow a strict routine), but I have found a lot of interesting and pertinent information at this website -- Chronicles of a Babywise Mom. Take what you want and leave what you don't.

Some moms find that caring for a newborn is tricky and would rather still be pregnant, but I am still very much of the opposite opinion! I'm loving my newborn and so glad he's in my arms and not in my uterus. =) I enjoy the challenge of caring for him in the best way possible. And dressing him in cute clothes...