Sabbath is a Happy Day?

Today is Sabbath. One of the hardest days of the week. And potentially also one of the best! Tim was the teacher in Cradle Roll today -- the first class of the new quarter. A super fun program (Forest/Camping) but challenging since the songs and props are all new. The kids get thrown for a loop too with all the changes. Peter liked slapping the beaver's tail and riding in the canoe. They also got to hop like frogs and catch bugs in their nets.

We survived most of church as a family. Peter loved listening to the violin during praise songs and the accordion special music. He's such a musical boy. :) The best part of church was listening to Peter during prayer (we're still trying to teach him not to talk). He said it quietly though, so it was cute. "Peter pray...dear Jesus...thank you...thank you for...thank you for...[pause]...thank you for mommy and daddy." =)

I need to remember moments like that when I'm struggling with tough nap-time battles. WHO KNOWS why Peter has been struggling to fall asleep lately, but it is so emotionally draining to have him resist my every attempt and have to leave him alone to cry it out. We're hoping he won't get awakened 30 minutes after the crying stops (as happened yesterday). He's one sleep-deprived little boy. Which equals many more unnecessary fits. Not to mention the parents are also sleep-deprived. Which equals much less creative discipline and patience.

I've been typing this with one finger up until now while rocking/nursing baby #2 to sleep. I *think* we're in the sleep zone. GOOD NIGHT!