Proud of my Boy

Peter now knows how to say "Sabbath School" instead of his former pronunciation, "Sakadu".

He knows two memory verses complete with actions. "Work together (pound fists on top of each other) as a team (hands up in the air in cheering style)!" and "Serve each other (cupped hands moving out in front of chest) with love (give yourself a hug)!"

Yesterday, in church, Peter took a cue from me and added a bowed head to the folded hands to make a full praying ensemble, which, surprisingly, lasted for the entire (longish) prayer!

He knows virtually all the words to verses one and four of Amazing Grace ("wretch like me"). And sings these verses at the top of his lungs after being put in his room to take a nap.

He willingly totes around Ezra's binky (in his own mouth) until Ezra cries...then quickly whips it out of his mouth and into the baby's.

He is very amused when Mommy and Daddy tease each other (feeding each other watermelon or having a spoon fight in the watermelon bowl) but then gets a little crazy as he tries to mimic our behavior. We suggest to him that we are usually very nice to each other and we're just playing a game. "More GAME!", he says.

Routinely says his own prayer at night before bed..."Dear Jesus, thank you...for...[Maddaly] and [blanket] and [fireworks] and [playing with Petra] and [water]. Just a few of the many things he is thankful for. =)