Sleep and Eat...and Clean

We're keeping really busy here these last few weeks of summer! Peter is taking more swimming lessons, so we're at the pool every morning for 30 mins. He's getting so brave and loving the water so much. We're teaching him to float, glide, hum under the water (to practice blowing bubbles out of his nose), and he just loves jumping off the edge!

I've been slowly cleaning up the house, room by room, trying to get things under control. Hopefully I'll be able to taper off by next week and spend more time reading/cooking/weeding my flower beds.

Ezra is such a good sleeper -- he has awake time in the early mornings, mid-afternoon, and evenings, but other than that, he's happily asleep. His biggest chunk nap is in the morning between 9-12. That's super nice, since I can give Peter undivided attention. He's exercising on the bed beside me right now...smiling and laughing!

Speaking of reading, I've got 14 credits on and I need to think of some books to order! Any recommendations?? I'm looking for primarily non-fiction...