Son Number Two

I've been struggling with the feeling that our second son doesn't get as much attention and quality time as our first. He still sleeps a lot of the time and doesn't really demand much. It doesn't help that he'd rather sleep flat on his back than in my arms. For obvious reasons, this is physically relieving, but emotionally leaves me bereft and feeling guilty.

I don't remember exactly what Peter's "neediness factor" was at this age, but I don't remember feeling this way. It must be a second child thing. I have all these questions that I didn't worry about with my first child. Is Ezra getting the physical touch and closeness he needs? Does he need more human stimulation (besides Peter in his face)? Is he developing at the same rate as my first?

To ease your fears that I'm neglecting him right now while blogging -- I'm not!! He's kicking and punching up a storm on his play-mat. Very happily. And to calm my questions of developmental growth, he IS smiling at his little froggy just like Peter did at this age...

Today has been "kid day" in contrast with "clean the house and do laundry day" yesterday. Playing soccer in the park with Peter. Taking pictures of my kids being silly. And I even got to hold a sleeping baby for a few minutes. Golden.