Three Years of Crazy!!

It's been three years! And two kids. And so much fun. Tim has really impacted my life -- adding meaning and laughter and adventure!! It's been quite a ride so far. What will the coming years bring??

My creative husband sent me an email this morning, listing many of the fun memories we've shared together over the past 4.5 years (dating + marriage). =) I wanted to share...
Making gluten with Raeann on the backpacking trip (and don't forget feeding the birds)
Hiking and waterfall jumping in Oneonta Gorge
Faux snow camping (and real snow camping!)
Kissing and watching the avalanches fall around us near Granite Falls and then jumping into the glacier-fed river
Testing out your new sleeping bag in the Reid's back yard
Making milk mustaches with Vanilla yogurt in Rainier National Park
Eating Haagen Dazs in Leavenworth and making the wrappers into clouds for scrapbooking
Walking around the Rick's house with Sarah and Abigail saying, "How Lovely!"
Sleeping in Barbie and Conrad's front yard. With the skunks.
Inner tubing at Lewisville Park
Climbing Third Ledge at Hope Campmeeting
War-driving on our honeymoon
"Don't go canoeing with Timmy, unless you want to get wet!"
"Timmy, The sun is shining and the birds are singing :)"
Your first positive pregnancy test
Driving up to Mt. Hood to take pictures for our first Christmas card
Our first Christmas tree together, that was full of spiders
Cross country skiing and the snow fight
Picking blueberries every summer
Peter sleeping on the inner tube with me at Jubilee Lake
Mountain biking at Horseshoe Prairie

Aren't you glad I didn't wait 9.5 years to propose?
We'd be almost half way.
Happy anniversary honey.