We Left the Country

Yes, we've been away. We left without warning. Tim prefers to leave the world on the Internet guessing a bit rather than having you all following our every move. :) I would have posted a few teaser pictures, but I didn't have wireless. Or my computer.

We probably set records for how many family members we saw this past week. In addition to close family (parents, grandparents, Tim's bro/sis/nephew), we also visited with my grandma's siblings, my mom's cousins, my aunt/uncle/cousins, and Tim's aunts/uncles/cousins and other extended family! It was really nice to see them all. We did our best to keep our children on their best behavior, but sleep-deprivation worked against us. They did remarkably well.

Water was the common theme in our vacation. Peter's favorite was the Hope pool, with its shallow play area, swirling river ride, and boats to ride in. We also visited Silver Lake, the Coquihalla River, and the Columbia River. Walmart's variety of Slip n'Slide offered plenty of laughs (and sore muscles)! Oh, I mustn't forget Peter's obsession with the hose/squirt bottle. "MORE WATER...MORE WATER" For hours. He learned how to use his thumb/fingers to cover part of the end of the hose in order to spray farther...ya. My mischievous boy.

We celebrated my mom's birthday with the traditional DQ ice cream cake and gave her a list of 50 things (ok, more like 10 things) to do now that she's 50. =) She accomplished one that very afternoon when we took her tubing down a section of the river. She was braver than ever -- guess she's got something to prove now. haha

I should have known not to try visiting Stanley Park again, but it had been so long I had forgotten what a mess it is trying to get there. We had to drive right through the middle of "druggieville" Vancouver and saw more than we ever wanted to see. Trying to caravan with my dad driving up ahead made it even more of an adventure. Yikes!

We had fun on the miniature train and visiting the animals at the petting zoo. At one point, Peter darted past a sign that read "Resting Area: Keep Out!" It wasn't super dangerous, because all the animals could come and go as they pleased, but this was a spot for them to be safe from touching. We need to teach Peter to read.

We ate tons of yummy food (hence my new fitness goals!), went rollerblading, cliff-jumping, and waterskiing [Tim, not me], and enjoyed watching our kiddos interact with their new cousins. A very fun time.

But what a wonderful feeling to be HOME. I was anxious to get out of here and see new territory...now I'm just ready to clean my house and play with my children...cook some food and pull weeds in the garden...see friends and catch up on the local news...and just relax. So far, I'm doing just that.

Click here for more pictures of our trip (not as many as I wish, but a few).