My big boy.

He's growing up fast and I am really struggling to get enough "Ezra time". I just feels SO different the second time around. I now know why some mothers have more than two kids. I didn't have a baby for very long!

His head and neck are getting quite a bit stronger -- almost ready to try a bumbo seat or maybe even the exercauser?? Don't want to rush it, but it seems like he spends so much time in a reclining position. He could use some more upright time.

It was so fun to watch Ezra watch Peter this morning. The dynamics of a second child are interesting -- Peter didn't have a sibling to watch. We'll see how this unfolds.

Ezra is getting much more sensitive to noise -- waking up to the garbage disposal or clanging in the kitchen. The swing is helping, but this is a tough stage where he needs to improve on his self-soothing techniques and embrace the idea of a good long nap. I'll do my best to help him, but it's different when there's a noisy big brother around!

The poor boy has had some skin issues lately -- looks like ezcema. I've been experimenting with different topical treatments and diet adjustments. So far we suspect soy protein (less Big Franks, Laura!) and maybe something in the sushi we ate? It's really hard to tell since I'm not sure how quickly his skin reacts to the proteins in breast-milk (and how quickly those proteins get there after I eat). I bought some "Vanicream" today and have found that to be easing the dryness quite a bit.

It's so much easier to love a cute, smooth-skinned, happy baby -- psychologically. You might not want to admit it. :) But I'm doing all I can to give him every advantage and that includes the loving, oooing and aaahing from all sides. He deserves it! Sleep and clear skin will help.