Taking a Lesson from the Mundane

Can you learn a spiritual lesson from cleaning a toilet?

I've been thinking about inviting the glorious into the mundane lately and I think these are the moments Christy is talking about. The moments where you let your mind drift towards God while you're doing the dishes or other household chores. When you're changing a diaper and you realize God loves you even more than you love your child. He would change your diaper. Lovingly. With talcum powder.

So as I scrubbed my toilet (YUCK), I thought of the sanctuary and how the priests sacrificed lambs. Something they probably hated doing as much as I hate cleaning the toilet. But it's dirty and we humans are dirty. The lambs had to die for the sins of the people. Jesus ended that dirty work once and for all. The toilet is clean and we don't have to scrub anymore.

Poor analogy?? Perhaps. But it got me thinking and that's better than mundane.