We're living from one weekend to the next this month -- learning how to transition from car to tent to cabin to hotel back to home again! We're actually doing quite well and having a lot of fun, but October will be "Home Month".

We had a great time with friends and family at the church campout last weekend -- the best moment for me was seeing the look on Peter's face when he came in from roasting marshmallows. White sticky cream all over his chin and cheeks and a GRIN that said I got to eat something sweet!!!

My exercise routine has gone down the drain with all this traveling about. My knowledge of Ezra's schedule isn't what it could be. The house isn't as clean as it should be. Groceries are few and far between. But we're keeping up with our top priorities -- family and fun!

Kindermusik is actually adding to our fun -- I practice my lesson plans in the car while we drive and we all sing together! It does get a little crazy. =) I'm having a blast with this new endeavor of mine.

I've been struggling to figure out Ezra's rash and it's relation to my diet. I haven't really been strict enough with my food elimination system. I'm going to be firmer with myself this week. NO SOY and NO DAIRY. Peter and Ezra both got too much dairy over the weekend and it didn't bode well. I had beans/chips/salsa/vegies for lunch and I think I'll make a rice/curry for supper. With this kind of diet, I'll lose weight even if I don't have time for exercise...

The weather is getting cooler! Definitely time to pull out some long-sleeved shirts for the boys. I've been in denial. But it is fun to dress up my kiddos in new fall outfits! Just can't believe my baby is growing so fast -- I still try to squeeze him into 3 month outfits! Not working. Need to put those back in storage. :)

Peter wants to play with Ezra these days!! It's so cute -- he loves to make him smile. Peter was hiding behind the table (playing peekaboo) and Ezra would lean over to find him. Then Peter would lie down on the ground and want Ezra to join him. "Ezra lie down" "Ezra, please sit here". I like watching their faces as they interact. It's the cutest thing ever.

Well, that's an update from me! Wish I had some more pictures. I need to work on that.