and Growing UP

--said [unprompted] "y is for yuck!"
--heard the oven timer beeping and perfectly matched the pitch...THEN sang that same pitch an octave lower
--SWAM [with a life jacket] all by himself in the pool last night
--JUMPED off the diving board to daddy (with a teeny bit of prodding...and a life jacket)

--weighed in at 16 pounds 9 ounces this morning
--smiled and laughed for the nurse who was about to give him his shots
--enjoyed his first couple board books
--really likes to be tickled!

It's all a lesson to me that my kids are growing up FAST. Sometimes I feel like I'm not keeping up with them. Peter needs more "mature" story books. Ezra is ready to start with the most basic books and likes to chew on the cloth ones. He needs more stimulation. Peter needs more conversation. They are gifted, fun, amazing little boys. I'm loving them so much today. =)