We have some super-dooper favorite children's books and would like to share them with you! The hope would be that you'd share back -- our collection needs to expand!
Snowmen at Night
-- Love the rhythm and rhyme, the illustrations, and the humor. What DO snowmen do at night?? =)

The Please Book -- One of our biggest favs...Peter has it memorized!! What a great teaching tool. "You can never say please too often..." LOL

Berlioz the Bear -- Funny and fresh, sharing the story of a band of instruments who almost miss their concert [if not for the buzzing bee]!

The Little Engine that Could -- My childhood favorite that I'm sharing with my kids, what fun! Peter likes to repeat the phrase "stopped with a JERK".

The Berenstains' B Book -- How many "B" words can you say in one sentence?? This is an exciting fast read with many opportunities for hilarious laughter.

Bears on Wheels
-- Want to count the bears?? One bear on one wheel. Ten bears on one wheel!! This book really tickles Peter's funny bone.

If You Hold My Hand -- This book was originally a gift to Timmy, but Peter loves it too. We hold hands whenever the book says to. It teaches the worthwhile lesson of confidence and trying new things.