Sans Dairy

Well, you can add dairy to the list -- Ezra is obviously allergic to it. I had some cheese for lunch (apart from pizza dough or bread...just to be certain). BIG reaction right after breastfeeding. Seems like the reactions get worse when something reenters my system after a longer absence. He is trying so hard to scratch right now. :(

I'm really frustrated, as you can imagine. I hate seeing him like this. I also hate restricting my diet.

I'm a food lover. Life becomes significantly less enjoyable without comfort food. I'd rather spend large portions of my day exercising than cut back what I eat. This is TOUGH for me.

I'm also food dependent. I notice my energy level dropping. My memory getting weaker. My patience waning. I KNOW I should be able to meet my nutritional needs without wheat and dairy (and potentially soy...still avoiding that too), but it just isn't working for me.

I don't really LIKE spending large amounts of time in the kitchen. I like quick food. And I can only eat so many almonds at a time.

I know I'm whining. I know everyone has solutions for me. I just want to enjoy life. I want to have the energy to be a dynamic music teacher. I want the patience to positively discipline my kids and ENJOY them.

It's affecting his sleep, his mood = my sleep, my mood.

I've tried not eating ANYTHING for 8-12 hours -- that works great! His skin clears right up. Obviously, it doesn't address any of my needs.

These pictures don't show the worst of it -- his chest. And somehow the rash looks better on camera.