A Few of my Favorite Things

What a way to celebrate his fifth month. Withholding his favorite things. :( I'm really not sure what made us decide today was the day.

Maybe the way he was still sadly scratching away at his red face even though I've been eating less and less food items (cut out tomatoes too).

Maybe it was the blood-stained blanket.

Might have been the exhaustion after another night with too many feedings.

Maybe the conversation I had with my mom-in-law last night.

Really, there are many reasons, but I've been choosing the lesser of the two evils -- breastfeeding with all its side-effects over formula feeding with its inconvenience and possibly less beneficial nutrition.

Well, today has been the battle of the bottle. My poor boy didn't want ANYTHING to do with that fake nipple. Finally, this evening, he decided it might be the next best thing and took a couple long draws on it without too much fuss. I feel bad.

But over the course of the day, he's been sleeping so much better! His skin is softer, less red, HEALING. If we can get through the night successfully, there will be more good news to report.

For now, I want to say, happy fifth month to you Ezra. I LOVE you. I want the best for you. I'm sad the best might not be your two favorite things. Don't be too sad, k?