Ezra Feeling Better

A quick update for those concerned about my baby boy.

Spent all of Wednesday introducing the idea of a bottle. Finally took to it that night and has been drinking well ever since. {helps to use the pacifier to get the sucking reflex going, then plug in the bottle}

He had a rough go of it last night and this morning with the dairy formula. Skin getting progressively worse. Mittens on hands required.

Very frustrated and searching for a better solution, I contacted his pediatrician today and managed to score some free Nutramigen [hypoallergenic formula] to sample over the weekend. He's had four solid feedings with it so far today and it's GOOD STUFF! I'm so thankful.

He's sooooo much happier! Sat in the bumbo seat for nearly an hour watching us all make and eat supper. Smiling, laughing, fingers in his mouth, not scratching his face! Oh, what a difference.

I can't believe we've been dealing with this for two months now, without finding this solution earlier. I still feel guilty and sad that what he needs isn't breastmilk. But I'm really happy for him. It's nice to have my smiler back. I hope I have my sleeper back too. Time will tell.