My Son, My Pride and Joy

Peter has officially taken on the role of part-time babysitter [for short periods of time while I blow-dry my hair or wash the table]. Ezra is ridiculously enamored with him. Read: staring in awe at his every antic. Peter is mostly oblivious but he's doing me a great service by being so attractive to little bro.

Peter also has a new imaginary friend, a doggy named Eeemie. "Come here, Eemie! Jump up on the couch with me!" [Mommy sits down beside Peter] "Eeemie is sitting there!!" [oh, my bad] =) Tim will be thankful that all dogs remain imaginary.

I had one of those I-could-have-many-more-kids moments the other day when my in-laws were visiting. Peter and Grandma Robin were reading stories and singing songs [bedtime routine] and I hear their two voices [both on pitch] singing Amazing Grace and Jesus Loves Me. Oh my heart twitters and I say to Tim, "yep, three or maybe even four..." ;)