Feeling Torn

So far, the toughest part of being a mother is the feeling of not being enough or not having enough. Enough time. Enough love. Enough sanity. Enough patience. Enough creativity. Enough words.

Today I feel pulled apart. My needs, their needs, the houses' needs... ;)

Trying to finish the dishes while one child is begging you to play.
Playing with the baby while the laundry waits unfolded.
Waiting to take a shower while older child learns to pee in the potty.
Taking some me time on the computer while the baby plays alone.
Spending SO much time potty training that lunch was thrown together.
Putting exercise aside in favor of warmer play options for the kids.

This may not sound like much, but to me it's representative of my life, day in and day out. I can no longer set my own schedule, accomplish what I want to, take time for enjoyment and relaxation. At least not without feeling guilty.

I'm trying to meet EVERYONE'S needs now.

It's a tough job.