My Bookshelf

Aaaaah. Wednesday. Time to read books. :)

I had to organize my books before reading them, however. Silly me.

My book list was too ambitious -- not enough fun books mixed in with the "meat". And a couple of new books took higher priority (see below).

Also, we've pretty much put potty training on hold. I know I need to read the help-me-figure-out-my-son's-personality book so I can find successful strategies for him...but I'm just not in the mood right now! I already spend 95% of my day in the house, do I really want to spend 85% of that time in the bathroom?? Maybe with the help of some candles...

I FINALLY finished book one in The Tender Ties Historical Series. It was really hard to read. Really sad. Too much human suffering. Now I'm debating whether to read books two and three in the series. I want to find out what happens! But do I have the emotional stamina to take any more grief??

I decided to order the much-acclaimed book, Same Kind of Different As Me, and see for myself. I may join in the discussion on Bloom's Ning site this time around. So far, it turned out to be a very interested read-aloud for our 3 hour return trip last weekend. The first ten chapters introduce the characters and set the stage. We'll see what happens next!

I continue to search for historical knowledge -- focusing on Lewis and Clark's time and journeys. It is especially interesting to me that they came through the Walla Walla valley and met friendly Indian tribes here. I want to know more.

And I'm still hoping to learn more parenting techniques to raise the best kids ever -- self-reliant, full of love, and spirited. =) It's all about directing the spirit...

Enough chatter...time to sit down by the fire with a mug of Roma and get reading!