Get on the BALL!

So, with being a mom comes muscle atrophy. Well -- generally. I know some moms who RUN through their entire pregnancy and continue to RUN in between nursing a newborn. That's not the "way I roll". haha

I really want to learn how to be more active during pregnancy, but it's a big challenge for me. So now that I've got an older baby, getting a bit more sleep at night, and eating somewhat normally, it's time for me to get moving.

I've joined a community ball class, led by our hip, fit, amazing, drill sergeant, super cute HPE DEPT secretary. I think that's her title. Whatever, she's the fitness guru.

And I'm moving. Way more than I intended to. It takes about three days to recover from the class. Not good since classes are Tuesday AND Thursday.

So I did half-lunges and skipped a couple squats. I took it easy on the jumping jacks that go on and on and on. And I laughed in her face when she said to do those jumping lunge things. LOL But I will keep going and I will get stronger muscles.

One day I'll be STRONG WOMAN, the mom with muscles.