Schedule Schmedule

I firmly believe in having a set schedule, for predictability and the comfort of routine. I watch my kids carefully for nap cues, for hunger, for over-stimulation. We've just shifted things a bit for Peter, who seemed to be having trouble with his nap-time.

Ezra is constantly changing and growing, but now that he's almost seven months, I think we'll be moving towards two longer naps and I'll be able to set those at specific times. He does well with 1.5 hour wake-times, sometimes even two hours. Go past that, and it's trouble. The trick is getting his feedings in every three to three and a half hours since he's still not eating solids.

I've tried writing out the schedule so many times...but it just doesn't work on paper!! Like last night -- Ezra went to bed really early (4:30 was supposed to be his third nap, but he slept and slept and slept) and woke early this morning, so he needed an 8 o'clock nap. So I can't say that 10 and 2 will work consistently yet. Aaaah!

Anyway, Peter is pretty good with his 2 o'clock nap-time. Although he slept until 6 o'clock and then wasn't ready for bed until 9pm. Oh well. He's still sleeping and it's almost 9am!!

So -- with all that said -- do we have a schedule?? YES. But it changes every day. =)