Self-Reliant Part One

I'm in the process of reading a very good book. It just keeps getting better.

I've been taking notes all along, planning to write a detailed book review. Of course, time is precious these days and I've only had a minute here and there to read. It will probably be another few weeks before I'm done, so I wanted to post Part One in a series of spread out the damage. =)
Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World
Reader Review Part One

So, the first section deals with the idea that humans need to feel needed. That children will blossom and develop into confident and self-assured adults when they feel meaning in their lives.

"Without a meaningful role it is difficult to develop a sense of meaning, purpose, and significance through being needed, listened to, and taken seriously."

We all like titles right? Mommy - Wifey - Teacher - Best Friend These are our ROLES. A position we play. A place to BE. They provide fulfillment and a zone to be comfortable in. They hopefully give us confidence.

Kids need roles too. What roles can we give them?? Playmate - Helper - Sidekick - Grandson - I'm still working on this one. Any ideas?

Next, the book discusses learning and describes it as information gathering. It isn't enough to memorize dates and state capitals anymore. Rather, our children are going to need to be VERY quick at finding the information they need. There is so much knowledge these days that we can't possibly expect them to remember it all.

"The point here is that we all must be information gatherers and must teach our children how to find knowledge themselves. Many futurists project that if these trends continue, this year's first graders will have to be equipped on graduation day to handle a one-hundred percent knowledge explosion every thirty-eight days."

"In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists."

How will I as a parent equip my child to be a quick learner? Tools, for one. Internet. Books. Computer skills. Confidence, for another. Learning is made easier when children spend time with those who consider them and treat them as capable.


It's a lot to think about! Ya. Let alone put into practice. I've got a lot to learn. For now, I'm encouraging Peter to help make his brother happy. I'm encouraging him to help me put away clothes or dishes (he's in the 'no, I don't want to' stage -- woohoo). I want him to feel valued as a grandson and a friend. I'm teaching him to use the computer (very basic things like using a touch-pad mouse. Lots of positive reinforcementAnd trying to instill in him the idea that learning is fun!

More great stuff from this book coming soon...=)