I Love This Post

Just when you got it everything changes. Don't we know!?

Just figured out how long Ezra should be awake between naps (optimal wake-time). Yep, this week he's extending his range again -- moving toward being OK with three or so hours.

Had two awesome nights when I woke up to see 6AM and hadn't been up ALL NIGHT! Glorious! Yep, then another tooth started working through.

Babywise Mom quotes Hogg saying parenting is like climbing a mountain -- there are those wonderful plateaus where we think -- man, I'm a GREAT parent!! And then up the side of a cliff we go again.

The point is -- laugh!! Difficult times are inevitable.

I want to take life a little less seriously, worry a little less about schedules and perfect kids. I want to laugh and enjoy it all, even the tough stuff.