Mud Bike on Valentines

Hi. I'm the clean blue bike you may have seen straining in front of a lit-up bike trailer filled with heavy kids. And battery packs. I'm pretty good at what I do. Kinda like one a those big strong horses. What'da they call 'em -- drafts?? Yep, I'm a strong machine.

But something waaaay outa the ordinary happened to me today. Never good when my front tire comes off and I have to ride up top that black rig. No sirree. We was gettin' kinda far out this time, nowhere near my familiar riding grounds. I only been this far out once before and that time the dust nearly choked me!

It was rainin' and I didn't see no paved trail. Not lookin' good. Turns out my female wanted to ride me on about the bumpiest, rockiest trail I'd ever seen. Why, I wasn't make for this stuff! My tires slipped and scampered around those sharp rocks. My pedals ducked as her feet came smashing down.

"What are you thinking?" I yelled, "take me back to the city!" She just started singing some crazy song about it all comin' back to her now...and talkin about some other bike in her past. One that took her up these trails real nice. Tryin' to work on my jealousy. I really did try. Bout halfway up the trail I started givin' it more gas, doing my best. But it was rough. Mud splatterin' up my clean frame. Rocks pokin' my tires. Was I really made for this?

Sometime near the top I felt my brakes giving out. They were just too cold and wet. I didn't have much left to give. But after a readjustment, things felt tighter. The hills were actually a bit fun on the way back -- I felt myself lettin' go, feelin' free. The pain kinda faded while the excitement increased. The rocks were bumpin' by a whole lot faster and my pedals were gettin' a workout.

At some point I really wondered if the city life, pullin' a trailer, was for me anymore. This craziness was beginning to feel euphoric. Addictive. Exhilarating. I don't think I can handle normal life anymore! That garage is going to feel mighty claustrophobic tonight.