Pains, Revisited

So -- last week we were having a pretty difficult time with the "come play with me!" phase.

It has subsided quite a bit. He still asks me to play with him, but it's not the whiny broken record it was last week. He's respecting my need to do other things and learning to entertain himself.

These are the conclusions I've come to:

1. Rather than trying to fill his tank up all at once (and draining mine in the process), example -- 1.5 hours of Peter/Mommy intensive playtime, I am giving him shorter bursts of attention spread out over the morning. Five minutes of pretend play together, then I sweep the floor; ten minutes of playing violin with him, then I fold some laundry. This way, I'm still getting my list accomplished while continuing to meet his needs. He actually feels like I'm paying him more attention this way, since I'm engaging in each activity, then giving him time for independent exploration.

2. I can't be everything to my son. He needs peer playmates. He needs other adult playmates. He needs time with grandparents. He is a much happier boy when I try to schedule in time for activities with others. They help to meet his needs! It takes a village!

3. Getting outside really helps! Getting out for even a short time seems to reset his clock so he can enjoy inside play again.

4. His love cup does matter! I'm still learning what Peter's primary love language is, but a good tickle or hugging/kissing seems to go a long way towards a happier, more contented child. Sometimes even farther than spending "quality time" with him.

5. Involving him is a good option, but it's on the bottom of my list. I just find it really hard to get things done with his help!! I'd rather spend 10 minutes on a chore, then spend 20 minutes playing with him rather than 20 minutes on the chore and 20 minutes cleaning up the mess we made. I'm really trying to do better here!! I promise!! As he gets older, it will be easier.

I have seen improvement with Peter. We will get these kinks worked out.

Now if I can figure out how to keep my Ezra happy!! Lately he isn't satisfied with sitting. He won't crawl. He wants to stand! And not necessarily in the exercauser or jumparoo. No -- standing while holding my fingers. =)

Growing pains. They will grow up. It might be painful at times. But we're all growing.