WWU 1st Annual Night Run

My husband is a college sophomore in a 31-year-old body. Perhaps because he did nothing but study in college. No fun for those smart people. =) So now it's his opportunity. How fun to live in a college town!

It's a 5K trail run, around our little muddy lake. With a couple pretty serious hills. And a few places where someone not so familiar with the route could easily take a wrong turn. Which they did, giving Tim the opportunity to place SECOND!! He probably would have been fourth or fifth otherwise. Still a great finish!

While we waited, (we didn't have to wait very long -- he finished in just under 28 minutes) Peter and I looked at stars and jumped on each others' moon shadows. He had so much fun being up "late" at night and yelling "go daddy go!!" He was pretty proud of his pop. =)