A Craving

I just haven't been too interested in cold cereal lately.

This morning I thought about biscuits and gravy. A thought was all it took.

I HAD to have them!!

I'm really insecure about making gravy. It seems kinda tricky. And I haven't really had any experience making biscuits either. So I started by frying a couple of Saucettes while I browsed the Internet for help.

Luckily we had a box of Bisquick in the cupboard. But all we had in the shape of milk was Vanilla Soy. Just makes savory things taste horrid.

So I thought -- hmmmm, coconut milk?!

The biscuits were easy (especially with all the scones I've been making lately). The gravy threw me for a little loop, but I added some water to the coagulated mess of cooked flour and coconut milk. It seemed to thicken more than normal milk. Added salt, garlic, and sage.

FABULOUS. Peter had a couple bites and said it was good, but didn't finish it (more for me!!!).