A Day on the Town

There's just something rejuvenating about going out shopping by oneself.

Time alone to try on clothes and look in the mirror. Time alone to eat my whole meal. Time alone to browse fragrances and spray about twenty scents up and down my arms. Time to be a woman.

I can hardly believe I had the whole day to myself. It was glorious.

But I tired of it! I missed my kids and my husband.

I decided that the best kind of breaks are the kind that make you long for the life you have. The kind that make you yearn to go home and kiss their noses.

It was a good day. Thank you dear husband. You did fabulously without me. =)

Shopping on the Mom Scale?? 9/10

Oh, and you must see a picture of my new green dress (yes, I'm coming around to the idea of green)! It looks pretty amazing with white leggings...