Conversation with Peter

"Where is the dirty diaper?"

"In the diaper pail."

"Where's the diaper pail?"

"In the closet."

"Where's the closet?"

"In Ezra's bedroom."

"Where's Ezra's bedroom?"

"In our house."

"Where's our house?"

"On {our street}."

"Where's our street?"

"In {our town}."

"Where's our town?"

"In Washington."

"Where's Washington?"

"In the United States."

"Where's the United States?"

"In North America."

"Where's North America?"

"On Planet Earth."

"Where's Planet Earth?"

"In the Universe."

"Where's the Universe?"

Aaaaaah...God came from way out there to way in here, to our dirty diaper pail land.