Plug Your Nose

This is something I never really thought about growing up. Somehow mom always kept our house spotless and sweet-smelling. Imagine the scent of homemade bread paired with the slight odor of Pledge leftover from a sparkling piano.

Me? It seems like dirty diapers fill the house like a plague of grasshoppers. A soaked night-time pull-up lays on the bathroom floor next to the bath, long after the water was drained. A poopy one somehow ends up in the kitchen garbage can and you dare not open the door to that cabinet even after the whole bag has been removed. The nursery diaper pail, though touted to trap odors from the room, sometimes overflows due to busy, distracted parents...leaving that room to smell like...well, like poop.

My life is obviously too busy to have the clean smells of baking and elbow-grease. I wonder what the house will smell like once the kids are out of diapers?? Grass-stains and lemonade? hmmm

How do you keep your house smelling fresh??