Self-Reliant Part Eight

Part EIGHT In An Eight-Part Series
Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World
Learning to make judgments.

Will they learn if we make all their decisions for them? Will they learn if they are surrounded by peers and rarely have adult modeling? Will they learn by being lectured and given no opportunity to practice?

"Parents find it easier and more expedient to lecture, instruct, explain, moralize, and ultimately make all judgments themselves than to encourage children to think through an issue or an event."

It is easier. In the short-term.

"Judgmental skills develop when parents, teachers and other adults create or allow children to become involved in situations from which they cannot escape except through thinking."

Smart. I hope I can remember this.
And that sums up the book. I hope this has been helpful, valuable, thought-provoking. I know getting it written down has helped me.

Cheers to parents!!