Things I Love About My 8-Month-Old

He's been sick a lot this month. Still lovable. But not as head-over-heels. Especially not at 2 o'clock in the morning, crying his poor eyes out because he can't poop. Or because his ears hurt. Oh the joys. We've really had some crises (plural) this month.

*He has developed this really cute habit of leaning his head over -- either to look around a corner, or because he's being shy and leaning into my chest. It's pretty cute.

*And he's started this funny way of talking that gets spit everywhere. His tongue comes in and out and he makes a slobbery "tttthhhb" sound.

*Currently, he's BANGING on a "noise toy" with both hands to get it to work. The music started to play and now he's dancing. +)

*He loves to stand. But hates to fall down. Cries with the saddest faces when he falls and knocks his head. So I try to stand him up and watch him carefully at least a couple times each day, when I get a minute. Otherwise, his exercauser does the job.

It is amazing how quickly he gets over feeling yucky and miserable. And back to his cheerful, silly self. A blessing, for sure.