I finally finished it.

Remember the book I started {again} last weekend? After a number of reading sessions over the past couple days and an intensive 'finishing session' last night, I am done.

I skimmed much of it.

I think I've told you before, but I have a really hard time quitting. Not finishing something. Even if I don't like a book, I have to finish it.

This book started strong, but by the end earned a 4/10 score.

Good Stuff:
--Solid theme of creating thoughtful children
--Breakdown of four emotional needs that make good sense
--The idea of "Love Busters"
--The idea of Quality Family Time and Undivided Attention Time
--The Policy of Joint Agreement

Not-so-good Stuff:
--TONS of repetition
--A know-it-all attitude about child development and discipline
--A bent towards working moms
--Too many specific examples
--Written in a very "stream of consciousness" manner, not succinct

I would like to create a WordArt from these emotional needs and canvas it:
Intimate Affection
Recreational Companionship
Sexual Fulfullment
Intimate Conversation

Want to avoid the Love Busters?

Selfish demands, disrespectful judgments, angry outbursts, dishonesty, annoying habits, independent behavior

I learned many things. Tim and I will be spending more alone time together, focusing on the four emotional needs. We are also more aware of the things that drain the loving feeling.

And finally, the idea of joint agreement -- ENTHUSIASTICALLY agreeing on a mutual decision. Not just putting up with the idea, or taking turns getting our way, but coming to a dynamic and creative solution that we both really like. That's the goal.

It IS a good book! I just think it could be smashed into about 125 pages, not 250. We parents don't have time to slog through all the extra! Just give us the good stuff. =)