Rainy Day Play

We started out with the exciting idea of setting up the tent and listening to the rain.

It was magical for about 4 minutes. Both boys and mom in the tent tossing around our ball. Reading poems about raindrops as big as children.

Then I noticed puddles forming.

Even with plastic underneath, water was soaking through the bottom of the tent.

So we abandoned ship in favor of drier and warmer activities.

Like making a collage of spring flowers and plants.

And talking about how the rain helps our herbs grow.

And making purple play dough. {Peter's idea} ;]

Soon after these adventures, we were invited to take a short field trip with friends {yay!}.

Out of all the cool old-fashioned toys, Peter immediately pounced on this little homemade flute/recorder thing.

And the rain subsided. And the naps ensued. And the blogging commenced.