Things I Love About My 9-Month-Old

Yep, as of yesterday Ezra is now 10 months old. So -- how did the last month go?? What were some of my favorite things??


To be honest, there were days when I thought having a nine-month-old was something I could do without.

The days he was pushing three teeth through all at the same time.

The days when he would NOT be put down without a fight.

The days when walking with help was the ONLY acceptable activity.

The days when growth spurt #15 was causing serious frustration. "Come on's been 1.253 hours since I last ate!!!"

There were a couple things to LOVE:
--How he sticks his little pointy tongue out, kinda like a snake smelling the air
--How he shakes his head back and forth "no" just for fun...

Today he's as happy as a clam, so I'm thinking ten months will be much better. =)