27 Goals for my 27th Year

I like setting goals. I believe it helps me accomplish more in life and keep my focus. I may give up on this when I'm 42 (and trying to think of 42 goals), but for now setting as many goals as years I am old seems to be a good idea!

Some of my goals from last year were a bit hopeful, so we'll keep working on those this year too (#2 and #22):

1. Apply for my U.S. Citizenship.
2. Potty train Peter. :-p 

3. Remember more birthdays and give more gifts. 
4. Visit our neighbors, offering baked goods and friendship. 
5. Figure out my new scrapbooking method and get in an efficient groove.
6. Do something productive with ALL the tomatoes we will be harvesting this summer. 

7. Put my homeschooling philosophy and methodology into words.
8. Include music practice and/or listening in our week.
9. Drop the last ten pounds. 
10. Share Bible stories with my children in a way that gives them a true picture of what God is like. 
11. Read more books in the time that I would spend on the computer.
12. Clean up messes right after they happen!!
13. Visit Eli in San Diego. 
14. Teach Peter basic math concepts -- patterns, one more and one less, sorting, ordinal numbers. 
15. Get Ezra walking! 
16. Spend more time in the backyard. Make it fun with a picnic table, toys, tiki torches, comfy chairs...
17. Expose Ezra to lots of new things -- swimming, harvesting fruit, eating tomatoes, dirt, etc.
18. Celebrate half birthdays as a family. Candles included.
19. Take a night-away-from-kids for our anniversary. 
20. Encourage traits of kindness and serving others in my sons. 
21. Discover new family traditions and remember them for next time.
22. Teach Peter to ride a two-wheeled bike.
23. Spend one-on-one quality time with each of my children, regularly.
24. Keep my children's immune systems engaged, even through the winter months.
25. Fly kites on the beach.
26. Visit extended family.
27. Avoid conceiving third child this year. ;)