Birthday Boy

OK, I know I'm biased, and I actually had my doubts, but this was an AWESOME birthday party. Pat, pat. ;)

I wanted to keep it simple, and healthy, and follow Peter's desires of the heart. It needed a theme, but I didn't want to get out of hand with decorations and expense. Or crazy, time-consuming food.

Alright, the cookie cutter scones were pretty intense. I was up with Ezra at the crack of dawn -- put him back to sleep with another bottle of milk and got to work in the kitchen.

We had the Stripple/Dried Tomato Scones and they seriously did not last long. Good thing I made three batches. And a couple families were missing (we missed you!!).

See the airplanes?

Oh, and the shish-kebabs were a bit of work too. Thanks for the help, parents!!

The bran muffins (aka cupcakes) were the healthy option. I really wanted Peter to feel free to have as much "cake" as he wanted. And he loves these muffins. We make them many weekends for breakfast. With a little dab of whip and a cute cut-out helicopter (again, thanks parents!), a cute ensemble, I'd say!

But something else "took the cake" and that was Grandpa's cardboard airplane. It was a huge hit. We could hardly drag Peter off for his nap -- he did not want to leave his plane! There will be many more hours of pretend play happening here.

We even had a real pilot visit!!!

Thank you everyone for coming to my party! I'm THREEE!!!!!