But Why??

My almost-three-year-old has definitely entered the "why?" stage. It's really quite hilarious.

"Why does the road have a hole in it, mommy?"
"Because the road broke." "Why did the road broke?" ;)

"Because it probably froze last winter and then thawed out and cracked and pieces chipped away and made the hole." "But why did it froze and thawed and cracked....?"

"Because that's what happens when the weather changes." "But why does the weather changes?" ;)

"Because we live in a part of the world that has seasons." "But why do we have seasons?"

"Well....good question, son. Let's go home and talk about that some more." Can you say inquiry-based education? =)

The funny thing is -- I've noticed that the longer my explanation, the more big words, the more difficult to understand, the more satisfied he'll be. Sometimes to the point of not asking another why question. Which is amazing.

Also -- I find it highly unusual that he listens to my explanations well enough to repeat back almost everything I said in his next "why question". Repeating back to me already? And he's MALE?